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So, I was playing Black 2 version and was challenged by this trainer who had a Machoke. When he sent his Machoke out, I used Fly and flew in the air. However while my Pokemon was in the air, the Machoke used the move Cross Chop and it somehow landed while I was in the air. I checked the move Cross Chop online but it didn't say anything about it landing when a Pokemon is off screen using Fly, Dive, or Dig. So, does Cross Chop land when the user uses Fly? Or was there something else that could of caused it?



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Machoke gets the ability No Guard that makes any move hit the opponent even if they're using Fly, Dive, Dig, or Shadow Force. This seems to be the most likely cause of Cross Chop hitting your Pokemon.


OK. Thanks for telling me that! I thought it my game was acting up.