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i just captured guzzlord, and got through the cutscenes, and I want to know what the "black refractor" he mentioned is, and where to find it, I went to talk to him in melemele motel, and he says "i'm certain that black refractor that I thought I saw on melemele was just my imagination" and he also mentioned it earlier. does this mean anything? and if so? where should I go to look for it?


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The Black Refractor is almost certainly referring to Necrozma.


Refractor means "a lens or object that causes refraction. Refraction is when light is deflected by travelling through a substance. Prisms are commonly used to refract light. Necrosma is classified as the Prism Pokémon, knows a move called Prismatic Laser and has two bigass prisms on its arms. On top of that, Necrozma is black and is found in Ten Carat Hill on Melemele Island, matching Looker's description to a T. It is also theorized to be from the same world as the Ultra Beasts, and is only obtainable after completing the Ultra Beast missions. I think it's fair to say that Necrozma is the "black refractor" that Looker describes.

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