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Ok so I hate his bootlegged hydregeon cuz its level 54 with a wide range of attacks. here are hes moves.
fire blast
dragon pulse
he normaly moves first and uses dragon pulse on my samurott and takes like more than half if my hp whie my megahorn misses. so if it did hit iw woudnt kill him
myteam is
samurott-surf,waterfall,megahorn,retalliate with a mystic water at level 54
zekrom-focus blast, fusion bolt, draon claw and zen headbutt at level 51
whimsicott-hurricane, grassknot, toxic and leech seed at level 47 holding a miracle seed (for sesmitoad)
haxorus- dragon claw, brick break,shadow claw, dragon dance at level 50 dragon fang
Reuniclus-recover,psychic,thunder wave and shadow ball at level 45 experts belt
mienfoo-u turn, brick break, drain punch and jump kick at level 44 (i want a mienshao)
extra-scolipede-megahorn,venoshock,toxic,x scissor level 47 with silverpowder

dont you just agree that this is the worst team ever?
and feel free to change my team or you can post another 1 up too if you like

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Try leveling up fraxure to lv: 50 and zekrom should forget shadow claw and teach it focus blast (Tm 52 is found at wellspring cave at the Northeast end of B1F)

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