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Yes I want Riolu to evolve cause a really need a female Riolu to trade and stuff so I need eggs

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What a acctually mean is does it becomes lucario when you left a raiolu at the daycare a few months?
Ok mar when you do that make it a comment and  it wont you haver to make it full hapiness and then level it up

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No! YOu have to be friend'y with it and lvl it up during the day! YOu can raise a Pokemon's friendship by:
Walking 256 steps +1
Massage (Veilstone City)DPPt +3
Haircut brothersHGSS
+1/+3/+5/+10 +1/+3/+5/+10 +1/+2/+4
Using vitamins +5 +3 +2
Level up +5/+6 +3/+4 +2/+3
Using EV Berries† +10 +5 +2
And lower your Pokemon's friendship by:Fainting -1
Using EnergyPowder -5 -5 -10
Using Heal Powder -5 -5 -10
Using Energy Root -10 -10 -15
Using Revival Herb -15 -15 -20
Trading Reset to base happiness.


Oke tnx for the information! I really ddnn't knew that! But thats a big fail becuase first for the pokemon league I used a lot of revival herbs :$ but I train allot to!
For is.before I am from the netherlands that why I'm bad at english