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I know it's in the undiscovered egg group, and I know it evolves from Happiness, but that's it. Unlike all the Sinnoh babies, it doesn't need incense to be bred from a Lucario, and it doesn't meet the definition of a baby Pokemon; a lazy, smaller, weaker Pokemon added to the beginning of an evolution line at least a generation after the first Pokemon's creation.

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If you think about it, you'll realize that technically Lucario was introduced in Gen 3.

(The keyword here is technically.)
and pichu was technically introduced in gen 1 (because before the gen 2 games were out)
Well, it is still a kid Pokemon. Also Tyrogue is also a baby Pokemon that also conflicts with your idea of a baby pokemon.
how exactly? It's added to the front end of a prexisting pokemon family tree at least a generation after its release.
Tyrouge evolves at lvl 20 and Elemis and Magby evolve at lvl 30, yet they are babies.
happiness isn't the main requirement. a baby is a pokemon added on to the line after its original release. this fits with tyrouge, elekid and magby.

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Specifically, baby Pokémon can be classified by the following criteria:
Must be obtainable by breeding.
Must be the lowest form in a family chain and must be able to evolve at least once.
Must belong to the Undiscovered Egg Group.

There's nothing in there about "lazy", "small", "weak", or being introduced after its evolutions.

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I get that, but the main criteria is that a baby Pokemon is added onto a preexisting Pokemon evolution line.
No you don't get this. I wrote this answer just to say that baby Pokemon do NOT need to be added to a pre-existing evolution family.
Baby pokemon also can’t breed. You should add that.
That's what 'Must belong to the Undiscovered Egg Group' means.
OwO. Never knew that.
fine, fine, I'm wrong. ****** it.
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Your definition of a baby Pokemon is totally inaccurate. Baby Pokemon were introduced in gen 2, and BTW Togepi was the first ever obtainable baby Pokemon, and you wanna know what? It was introduced alongside Togetic, just like Riolu was introduced alongside Lucario! Also in sumwuns source(Along with their bullet points), it said,

Baby Pokémon (Japanese: ベイビィポケモン baby Pokémon) are Pokémon at the lowest stage of Pokémon Evolution that cannot themselves breed.

Anyway I hope this helps you understand why Riolu is a baby Pokemon. Also, no source ever said this, but baby Pokemon can’t be legendary.

Source: My common sense, and Bulbapedia

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togepi isn't a a baby pokemon...
According to whom? It satisfies all the criteria presented in these answers. Your understanding of what counts as a baby Pokemon is incorrect, as mentioned already.
uuuhg... also, are you suggesting that lucario is legendary?
No? When did I say that.
you said they couldn't be legendary. I just read between the lines. sorry.