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Ok here are some questions
1) When I tried to go to dream world through my munna's dream, it wouldn't let me because it said you can't have the internet on to go or something like that,could anyone tell me how to fix that?

2) How do you catch pokemon and befriend them in Dreamworld?

3) If you catch a pokemon in Dreamworld, will you have it after you come out of Dreamworld?
4) Can you battle in Dreamworld

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Please answer as many of the questions as you can

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  1. You of course have to have Wi-Fi connection and a Game Sync ID, but also you can't access the Dream World on Tuesdays. I believe they go under maintenance on Tuesdays. And, you can only visit the Dream World for 1 hour, every 24 hours. Make sure you haven't visited within 24 hours!
  2. Once you've crossed the Rainbow Bridge, you always go to the Pleasant Forest. (Over time, you will be able to go to different places.) Then, you go around, (click on the arrows to move) and if you see something moving, click on it. A Pokemon comes out with a game for you. If you chose to play the game and complete it successfully, then you have befriended the Pokemon.
  3. When you've befriended Pokemon by successfully completing their game, you can go to the big tree if you move 10 times through the forest (with the arrows). Then, by using 1 berry, you can make a wish to send a Pokemon you've befriended to the forest in the Entralink. Also, you can view the Pokemon you've befriended by looking at the Friend Board at your house. I believe you can only befriend 8 Pokemon per visit to the Dream World. Then, once you've left the Dream World, connect to the Entralink and go into the forest there. The Pokemon you wished for in the Dream World will be somewhere in the forest. Once you've found it, you can catch it by going up to it and pressing A. You will have 1 Dream Ball in your Bag, which you can use to catch the Pokemon right away. Then, you have caught the Pokemon. If your party is full, it will be sent to a box in your PC.
  4. You can't battle in the Dream World. You can play Pokemons' games in the Pleasant Forest, but you can only "battle" when you go to the Entralink to catch the Pokemon you wished for in the Dream World. And, even that is not exactly battling, because you don't use your own Pokemon to weaken the opponent.

Hope this has helped! :)

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  1. To go to the dream world, you have to have wifi connection, then you go to pokemon-gl.com and click the dream world and you play in the dream world on your computer, ( you will only have one hour in it after you start you be careful ! )

  2. You will go across a Rainbow Bridge leading you into a place where you click arrows and see rustling bushes and trees ( Click on them ) and a pokemon will come out.

  3. There is a friend board that you can check in the dream world, the pokemon on it will be transfered to the entree forest in the entralink when you wake your pokemon up )

4.You do not battle in the dream world, although you do have to play games with pokemon in order to befriend them.

I hope this helped :D

Do you have to have a cord to attach the ds to the computer or something like that?
Nope, Have you gotten you game sync ID yet?
Whats that?
Go to your start menu and hit down 4 times, you should see the option Game Sync Settings.
You have to have registered an account on pokemon-gl.com first though.

You will get a Game Sync ID which you have to put in on your account, then you can access the dream world.
How do you make an account?
Go to pokemon-gl.com I'm pretty sure its pretty self explanitary