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There is a trailer in lostlorn Forrest with a lady who doesn't speak inside. Is she zoroark? I heard you could get one in there. If not can you tell me if she's there for something.


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Yes that is zoroark but you cant get it straight away .
You have to TRANSFER either raikou , suicune , or entei from a previous game and keep them in your party then goto lostlorn forest , only then you can battle as well as capture it .

Best of luck on that !! :)

Does it have to be the event
Wicked I knew my entei was good for something
It must be the event one!
Not really , you just have to transfer it , worked for me.
In the description ok the pokemon under its nature  it will say try taking it to lostlorn forest and that one will work others wont .
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Yep, You Found Zoroark.