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I would love to have these TMs but I don't know where to find them. Please help. Here they are:

Brick Break

I'm not even sure Brick Break is a TM in White but if it is please tell me.

thanks! =)


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Brick Break- you can obtain it in Iccirus City in the Pokemon Center

Flamethrower- you can obtain it in the Abundant Shrine. There are only 5 items there so it should be easy to find

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Flamethrower is easy to get, follow these steps:
go to the bottom where you met one of the seven sages in the very bottom chamber. Go north west up the stairs. you will enter a room with stairsets going up. Go all the way up and there it is.

Brick break : the old lady in Iccirus city gives it to you for free :)

hope this helped

Where is this chamber at? like where the waterfall is?
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Here look at this it should help: