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Can I trade between Gen. 1 games to Gen. 2 games using two GBA sp consoles and a link cable?


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To transfer gen 1 Pokemon to gen to, you just need a Gameboy link cable.
So yes. You can.


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This question is asking about hardware, whether it’s possible to trade between Gens 1 and 2 using the Game Boy Advance SP, or if the older Game Boy systems are mandatory.
I said Yes you can. Just like how you can trade Pokemon on two DS games using a 3ds
I don’t see anything in the source that suggests that (it says they are compatible, but doesn’t specify on all hardware), but I also don’t have anything that suggests the opposite, so okay.
The source states you only need a link cable to transfer gen 1 to 2, and so once you know that, you can logically deduct that the answer is yes, because link cabes work on GBAs and so do the games. This is all the necessary to to transfer. The only reason I cited a source is to show you where I got the first bit of information from. The rest was just logic.