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If two of the same Pokémon have identical max Ev’s and Iv’s, and an identical nature, but one is level 100 and and other is level 1, will their stats be identical when both are level 100?

This is hypothetical, but let's say you have a level 1 Dratini and a level 100 Dragonite. Both of the Pokémon's IV's are all 31, their favored EV's are the same maxed 252 each, and they share the same nature. Will the Dratini reach the same exact stats as the Dragonite once it reaches level 100 (and evolves of course) no matter what it battles along the way.

What other factors do you think affect the Pokemon's stats? The answer is none, which also means the to your question is yes

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The only things that affect stats are base stat, level, EVs, IVs, and nature, so stats will be the same if all 5 of those variables are the same. Note that it technically doesn't depends on the species, so 2 Pokemon of the same species can have different stats if they have different forms.