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I have a few questions about the ultra wormholes

  • What is the significance of the distance traveled from the altar to the wormhole you entered?
  • Is the Pokemon predetermined when I enter a wormhole? For example, I enter a wormhole and save the game. Then I go to the area where the Pokemon is and I don't want it. If I soft reset, will the Pokemon be different?
  • Do the wormholes suck you into them if you don't get those orange things that give you speed?
  • Is there only one inhabitant of every wormhole you enter? Whenever I enter a wormhole there is only one Pokemon. Maybe I'm missing something here because I only find one Pokemon per wormhole

I haven't tried doing these wormholes yet so I wanna know if it is actually worth doing it

1. with more distance you get more percent chance of shinys/legendarys
2. yes
3. yes
4. No, there are several inhabitants on a wormhole. (https://pokemondb.net/location/alola-ultra-space-wilds)

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The Bulbapedia page answers these questions. It doesn't mention predetermined Pokemon, but Pokemon are, in fact, predetermined, and you cannot soft reset for a different one (IVs and Natures change, however). You can only encounter one Pokemon per wormhole, but each wormhole has five different species of Pokemon (excluding legendary Pokemon).

Link: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Ultra_Warp_Ride#Gameplay

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