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I have both thundurus and tornadus and i go up to the shine, click on it and nothing happened. Please help?

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i believe its a shrine not a shine

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Is the Thundurus yours? Because it has to be the one you caught in your game(If you have White then it has to be Thundurus and Black is Tornadus)

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No its  not mine
That why
actually either thundurus or tornadus which ever version you have needs to be traded from the other version then have both of them in your party and go to the shrine
Don't comment on old questions like these, please. Thanks :)
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They must be in Your party, but besides that , thats the only requirements, Are you in front of the actual shrine to landorus? Or just the area?

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Im in the AS no glitch either
Yeah, thats a biggie
Just a little
Well, it makes no sense then. Because I already listed the requirements above.
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You need to have both thundurus and tornadus un your party before talking, Maybe that's the problem

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If either tornadus or thundurus is hacked it will not work

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