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Since Contrary changes the effects of stat moves, such as leer raising your defense rasther than lowering it, how would that effect status ailments.
Paralyze and Burn half you speed and attack, so would contrary make them double your speed and attack?

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I'm sure Contrary is not affected by stat changes from Paralysis or Burn.
Contrary is only put into affect from stage drops, and stage buffs.

Meaning, that only moves like Screech, Metal Sound, Agility, or Sweet Scent will affect
Contrary and make them do their opposite intentions.

Stat drops from Paralysis and Burn should not affect Contrary, because they are calculated automatically
upon infliction.

And by the way, Paralysis lowers your Speed by 25%. ~

Paralysis lowers your speed to 25% of its previous value (bulbapedia). However, the rest of what you said is true.