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EVs + moveset...item, maybe =)

Sassy = -Spd +SDef


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Hmm, I would say to put your EV's like this,

252 Sp Def 160 Atk 96 Hp
Item: Leftovers
Role: Tank

Iron Head ( Pretty basic )
Sacred Sword ( Signature move! )
Swords Dance ( Lets actually do something )
Stone Edge / X-Scissor ( More Coverage )

160 Sp Def 252 Sp Atk 96 Hp
Item: Leftovers
Role: Tank

Flash Cannon ( STAB )
Focus Blast ( STAB )
Calm Mind ( Special Tanking )
HP Water ( Coverage )

I personally Prefer the first set, but the second one isn't bad if you don't want something physical, I figured I would go ahead and give a special set aswell.

Just curious, which one did you end up using?
None, it´s shiny from GTS (seems legit) and level 55. I want to use EV berries first, but I only have 3 out of 6 species.
But I´ll be using the second one, if it has HP Water with nice power.
So probably first one :D