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p.s. don’t worry about how late you get the dawn stone in the game. I will trade the dawn stone from another 3ds to myself.

What is the rest of your team?
Thank you all so much for your responses!!
Answer to Mega-Blade X: my team is Marshtomp, Magikarp, Whismur, Ralts, Beautifly, Poochyena
I have three 3DS's (one 2DS XL) so I will trade my Dawn Stone from Pokemon X to my ORAS
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I’ll give you a bit of a breakdown on both.

Gallade (not mega) Stats- 68 HP, 125 Attack, 65 Defense, 65 Special Attack, 115 Special Defense, 80 Speed.

Gallade (mega) Stats- 68 HP, 165 Attack, 95 Defense, 65 Special Attack, 115 Special Defense, 110 Speed.

So, as you can see, Gallade is very physically oriented. With great Attack, good Special Defense, and decent Speed, it’s a pretty good Pokemon. To obtain Gallade, evolve a male Ralts into Kirlia. Then you can get a Dawn Stone at Victory Road (not recommended, as you will have a Kirlia for awhile), Sea Mauville, Super Training, and the Secret Pal in a Secret Base (source). Gallade’s STABs are super effective on Poochyena, Mightyena, Zubat, Golbat, and Koffing, as far as Team Magma’s Pokemon go. It’s STABs are also super effective against Roxanne (you probably won’t have a Gallade yet though), Brawly (probably still a Kirlia), Wattson’s Magneton and Magnemite, Norman, Sydney, Glacia’s 2 Glalies and Walrein, and Steven’s Aggron for gym leaders/the elite 4/the champion. Mega Gallade has really good stats, but unfortunately, you can’t obtain Galladite until after the Delta Episode (source, source 2).

Gardevoir (not mega) Stats- 68 HP, 65 Attack, 65 Defense, 125 Special Attack, 115 Special Defense, 80 Speed.

Gardevoir (mega) Stats- 68 HP, 85 Attack, 65 Defense, 165 Special Attack, 135 Special Defense, 100 Speed.

When Gallade and Gardevoir are in their base forms, their stats are the same, just Gardevoir having high SpAtk and Gallade having high Atk. Gardevoir also got the new fairy typing. All you need to obtain Gallade is to level Kirlia up to level 30, and the gender of your Kirlia doesn’t matter. For Team Magma, Gardevoir’s STABs are super effective against Poochyena, Mightyena, Koffing, and Golbat (please excuse me if I missed any other team magma Pokémon for either Gallade or Gardevoir). For the Gym Leaders/Elite 4/Champion, Gardevoir’s STABs are super effective against Brawly (most likely still a Kirlia), Sydney, Phoebe’s Sableye, and Drake. Gardevoirite can be obtained in Verdanturf Town after catching Groudon.

So, I suggest going with whichever one you’d like. They’re both pretty even.

Hope this helps! :)

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Fairy isn't super effective against Houndoom because of the fire typing, but Team Magma doesn't use Houndoom.  They use. Numel and Camerupt.
Hm oh yeah, it’s a fire type.

Also, I swear I saw that on Bulbapedia :/
Yeah.  It would be fitting of they used Houndoom though.
Oh wait what now I’m confused I saw it on Bulbapedia earlier and now it’s gone

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Let’s start with a stat comparison:
Gallade is a physical attacker and gardevoir is a special attacker.
You can get gallade as soon as you get kirlia to level 20, as long as it is male. You need to get it to 30 for gardevoir. Having gallade early gives you a big advantage in game. Gallade will be very helpful against Norman but won’t be quite as good against Lisa&Tate and Winona. Now, let’s see the elite four:
Both will be good against Sidney, neither will be good against pheobe, gallade will be good against glacia while gardevoir will be good against drake
The champion is Steven, who uses Skarmory, claydol, aggron, cradily, armaldo, and Metagross. Gallade is way better than gardevoir here because gallade can do effective damage (and super effective damage against cradily and 4x super effective damage against Aggron) against all of them but claydol. Gardevoir is terrible against Metagross, skarmory, and aggron, and only does effective damage against the other three. Because of being obtainable 10 levels earlier and doing better against the champion (and don’t forget Norman), I would say Gallade is the way to go.

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Gallade has a better move pool, with moves like Leaf Blade, Close Combat, Zen Headbutt, Night Slash, and Drain Punch. And it has moves that cover it's Weaknesses, like Night Slash, Rock Slide, and Poison Jab.
Gardevoir a decent movepool, with moves like Moonblast, Magical Leaf, Psychic, Stored Power, Shadow Ball and Energy Ball. And it has great moves that can cover it's Weaknesses like Shadow Ball, Psychic, and Focus Blast (although it has low accuracy).
Gardevoir Definitely has the better Abilities. Synchronise, Trace and Telepathy all are better than Steadfast and Justified.
Both of their Mega Evolution's are great, but Gallade has better Defenses, while also having great Speed and Attack.

In conclusion, both are really great Pokemon, but In my opinion, Gallade is the better Pokemon to use.

No, PrimalKyogre, there was a 7-second difference in our messages.

PokemonLover17, typed gems haven't been available since Gen 5. We're talking about a Gen 6 game.
I was just looking at Serebii and saw that it's obtainable in all gen 6 games.
Actually, you’re incorrect. If you look at both Bulbapedia and Serebii, there is only location data for Black/White, and Black/White 2.
They're programmed *into* X/Y, but they're not actually obtainable.
Oh I see.