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Like if Krookidile used it on Alakazam would it use the target's attack or Krookidiles


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It would use Alakazam's attack power, so it would get weaker.

"Foul Play inflicts damage. It uses the target's Attack stat to calculate damage, as opposed to the user's Attack stat. The target's stat boosts (Abilities like Huge Power plus anything that changes the stat stage, such as Swords Dance or Growl) are incorporated into the damage calculations, however any other boosts (such as STAB, being burned, Abilities like Adaptability or Tinted Lens, and items like Choice Band or BlackGlasses) are calculated with the user of Foul Play's items, Abilities, and status. "

then i am sticking with crunch
Yeah, you should because crunch is WAY more reliable!
It's best put on pokemon with decent or low attack to catch unsuspecting sweepers off guard. Unfortunately, almost all the pokemon who learn it already have high attack power.