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I need ditto anyone know an easy way to get it, and if in a place where?


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All you have to do is to go to the pokemon mansion and talk to Mr backlot after you have the national dex and he will tell you if he has it in the backyard. Then you go and catch it. Pokemon vary by day.

I know that but
1. I want it quick
2. He hasn't said that ditto was their yet [even though I'll keep trying]
3.It's hard to get pokemon there
Well that's the only way unless if you migrate one
Tankman1017: Man, just save before you ask him. AND, what did you mean by "it's hard to get pokemon there"
I mean the pokemon he [the millionaire dude] says are hard to get there even though the pokemon are there
It's easier if you use the Pokeradar.
If you want it quick all you need is a hg/ss with a ditto and trade it! You don't need no stinkin'  fancy shmancy migrating crape its too much work plus now these days ppl don't have GBAs....

I'm dead serious it's that easy.
You act as if everyone has 2 DS' to trade. So don't be rude by saying stupid stuff like that.
Well, that's actually not what I think...

Explanation:Most of my friends have a DS and I have two friends in my neiborhood that have one not to mention some of my friends actually have a pokemon game of some sort so I'm not trying to insult somebody! >:-(
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Easy peasy lemon squezzy migrate from fire red in fire red go inside pokemon mansion and go all over it and youll find a ditto soon at around lv 30 or you can go to fushira town and go to the far right in the grass and somtimes youll find ditto around 25 youl have to go throughthe building

Uuuh....dude? U don't need to migrate...all you need is a hg/ss with a ditto and trade...its that easy
True, but you'd need a second DS for that, and most people only have one.