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And what exactly is her relationship to Zinnia? On that note, was Zinnia's full backstory ever revealed? If yes, where can I read it? Not talking about that Whismur that's with Zinnia most of the game

im pretty sure the whismur is Aster
Yeah but the dialogue implies that she named the Whismur after someone named 'Aster'. That's the one I wanna know
On Bulbapedia, the last of Zinnia's quotes mentioned that she called Aster "Granny".
I thought it was just the whismur’s name and has no importance whatsoever
I thought so too but when you read the dialogue, some of it doesn't make sense if Aster was the Whismur

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Aster is a character that mentioning in Omega Ruby/Alpha sapphire. She is never seen in any part of the game even though!

Read how she is mentioned in game,

Aster is first mentioned at the beginning of the Delta Episode by Zinnia, who swears to Aster that she will protect the world from an incoming meteoroid.
Near the end of the Delta Episode, Zinnia reveals to the player that she and Aster used to be together all the time before the latter was lost.
According to an interview with Shigeru Ohmori in the June 2015 issue of Nintendo Dream, Aster was a person with special powers who held the position of Lorekeeper before Zinnia, much like Aster in Pokémon Adventures.

Complete details about this character is still unknown, as she never took her appearance in any games/anime. The only known Pokémon she owns is Noivern.

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Were there no other external sources from the oras game that mentioned Zinnia or Aster's story?
No !!!!
I see. Thanks
No problem!