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so different pokemon have different natures, duh, everyone knows that. but what do different natures do to a pokemon's stats?? i have a shelder with a modest nature, an emolga with a lax nature, a lilligant with a careful nature, a pidove with a hasty nature and a samurott with a sassy nature. if you could use the natures of my pokemon as examples that'd help me undterstand a whole lot easier.


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Well, different natures effect pokemon's stats differently, Eg.

A pokemon with a Modest nature with have 10% more Sp atk than usual, and 10% less Atk than usual.

Different natures effect pokemon's stats by 10%, They increase one stat by 10% and decrease one by 10%.

That is my summary, but to see Pokemaster's summary, just click the link.


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it increases or decreases a stat by 10% all of those natures stink on those pokemon except hasty on pidove which is ok this link will give you plenty of info