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It seems that things effect the points. I tend to lose 7 points whenever I immediately forfeit. I get around 12 to 17 points for opponents that have lower ELO. I get around 20 pints for For opponents with similar ELO. I can get more points for opponents with higher ELO sometimes. Is this even close to how the points work? Is there a specific way that Showdown distributes points?

Is this allowed? Because it's more of a showdown technical thing rather than a pomemon thing? Also, I don't have the link but you can probabaly ask on the showdown support
I don't know. I'll hide if it isn't.

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I don't know how it works, lol. I answered from Ladder Help.

Your rating starts at 1000.
Our Elo implementation uses K-scaling. The K factor is:
K = 50 if Elo is 1100 – 1299
K = 40 if Elo is 1300 – 1599
K = 32 if Elo is 1600 or higher
We have a rating floor of 1000 (If your rating would fall below 1000, it is set to 1000). This makes it unnecessary to create new accounts to "fix" your rating.
Between 1000 and 1100, we have some special behavior:
If Elo is 1000, K = 80 for the winner and K = 20 for the loser. Between 1001 to 1099, K scales linearly from 80 to 50 for the winner and from 20 to 50 for the loser. This helps spread out low ladder people between 1000 and 1100 instead of causing the rating floor to cluster them all at 1000.

(I don't have hope it helps, lol)

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This actually helps. Thanks.