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I have a Pidgey and a Cyndaquill both lvl 12 but i get my butt wooped every time i battle falkner!

For starters you could catch a few more pokemon preferably geodude

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Okay, first, if your having trouble, you'll probally want both of your pokemon higher than the gym leaders highest, meaning you'll want to train them both 2 levels.

You should have....

Pidgey: Level 14

Sand Attack
Quick Attack


Quilava: Level 14

Tackle/Leer/Smokescreen/Ember/Quick Attack

Tackle/Leer/Smokescreen/Ember/Quick Attack

Tackle/Leer/Smokescreen/Ember/Quick Attack

Tackle/Leer/Smokescreen/Ember/Quick Attack

Thats what you should have, at this point in the game, I reccomend
Ember Quick Attack Smokescreen Leer

Anyway, All your really gonna need for this is Ember.

Start off pidgey vs. pidgey , and just use quick attack over and over until Falkner's pidgey faints, Here comes Pidgeotto.

Keep abusing Quick Attack, using it over and over, until pidgey faints.

Pull out Quilava, Raising him to level 14 let Cyndiquil evolve, so he should pretty much be able to murder pidgeotto with ember.

Just keep using ember here, and you'll be good.

You shouldn't have much trouble with this guy, but if you do, you could catch a wild Geodude from an earlier route or the cave, or you could catch a bellsprout and trade it for an Onix from a guy in Violet city.
Ugh, I hate the onix, if I recall it won't obey you yet, and that annoys me to no end...
I thought It comes at whatever level the Bellsprout is.
Yeah, but you can't control any traded pokemon before you get your first badge.
I know that, but just don't level up Bellsprout too much and you should be fine. Even if he didn't get a rock move, his massive defenses and resistance would still help a lot.

An a separate note, I'm still mad at them for getting rid of the Rhydon trade offer. Dodrio is cool, but I'm not trading a Dragonair for him.
True, I'm not saying he wouldn't be good, i'm saying that stupid thing annoys me XD

I just hate it when my pokemon don't listen to me...