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Xerneas and Kyogre (to a smaller threat) are very threatening, and are the key thing a team has to keep in building, so it is important to know.
The common threats to Xerneas are:
Ditto- It can copy and impostor it, but the problem is Substitute is becoming popular on Xerneas and it needs to be weakened to get properly revenge killed by Ditto.
Dusk Mane: The problem is, you can't have more than one Dusk Mane in a team, despite no Species Clause, it is cartridge limitation, and AG is obtainable, not BH. Dusk Mane needs to be invest completely either in Defense or Special Defense due to it needs to check both Geomancy Xerneas and Zacian-C, so the problem lies with this. The poor function of Dynamax has made Xerneas destructive, and after a Geomancy boost, with Dynamax, it can avoid Defensive Dusk Mane KO from Sunsteel Strike while always 2OHKOing with Max Lightning. Even if it Dynamaxes, it comes to under 10% HP after which Sword Dog revenge kills it.
Keeping all these in mind, how much is a wall Shedinja to Xerneas and some extent Kyogre?

I’m pretty sure Shedninja can also wall Necrozma DM and Zacians that lack Crunch and Fire Fang, so I think it can work fine, although quite gimmicky
Necrozma DM has Sunsteel Strike, which ignores Wonder Guard :P and Fire Fang Sword is less popular than Assurance, for which I can run Protect lol

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Shedinja's unique ability Wonder Guard lets it wall any Pokémon lacking status moves or coverage to beat it. This notably includes KYOGRE, XERNEAS, Dragon Dance Zygarde, and Zacian-C, or Dracovish not carrying a Dark Type Move

The moveset given is
Shedinja @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Wonder Guard Ability
252 Atk/252 Spd
Adamant Nature
- Baton Pass
- Toxic
- Will-o-Wisp/Protect
- Shadow Sneak

This set essentially punishes anything that switches in along with anything that chooses to stay in, like Zygarde-C for. Toxic or possibly Burn the switch-in like Necrozma-DM and a Zacian-C with coverage. Baton Pass away from switch-ins without any damage, etc. So yes, Shedinja can counter Kroger and Xerneas since they often lack coverage as well as punish Switch-ins. In addition, Toxic cripples Kyogre as well that chooses to stay as well as switch-ins like Yveltal, etc.

Source: https://www.smogon.com/dex/ss/pokemon/shedinja/

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"Primal Kyogre" means it is Nat Dex AG. I asked for Gen 8 AG :P
Oop, my bad.  I mean, the same things still apply though, let me edit.