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So, what I'm looking for is a pokedex app that is

  • for Android phone
  • Must not require internet connection to view basic data. My country's internet connection is retarded so I need the app where you can view information like a Pokemon's type, evolution requirements, evolution chain without needing a connection. Any other data like game locations or whatever else is just optional. The important thing is the specific mon's general information

Those are what I'm looking for. Is there an app that have those two requirements?


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There's an app called dataDex

Use the Pokeball multi-button to easily search, filter and sort the Pokémon, Move, Ability, Item or Nature you're looking for!
Filter Pokémon by game version, generation and/or type to focus your results!
dataDex also works OFFLINE, no internet connection required.

It also works on Android Phones, something 5.0 and up.

It's features:

A fully featured Pokédex that includes detailed data on every single Pokémon.
Includes full entries, types, abilities, moves and so much more!

Team Builder (PRO feature)
A fully featured Team Builder - create your Pokémon dream team.
Choose a name, game version and up to 6 Pokémon to get a full team analysis,
Including team stats, type relations and move type coverage.
Tap any Pokémon in your party to customize even further with:
Nickname, gender, ability, moves, level, happiness, nature,
held item, stats, EVs, IVs and even your personal notes!

Location Dex
A fully featured Location Dex - Find out which Pokémon can be
caught in each location, by which method, at what levels and more!

Move Dex
A list of all moves from all games.
Filter moves by generation, type and category!
Get the most important data in a glance, or tap on a move to get even more data!
Learn what Pokémon can learn each move quickly!

Ability Dex
A list of all abilities from all games.
Filter abilities by generation!
Tap on a ability to see all data!
Learn what Pokémon can have each ability!

Item Dex
A list of all items from all games.
Tap on an item to see all data!

Type Dex
Choose any combination of types to view its weaknesses and resistances!

Nature Dex
A list of all available natures.
Learn how each nature effect your Pokémon!

Favorites and Caught checklist
Easily mark any Pokémon as favorite or caught
for quick and useful managment of your collection!

It also contains information about Pokémon found in LGPE and Sw/Sh.
It's also a 4.4 Star App on Google Play Store, so pretty nice, I guess?

Source: Trust me bro, the app is nice.

Hope it helped!

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Thanks. I find it strange that when I used this app before when my internet became even more retarded, it didn't load but when I disconnected my phone just earlier, it worked
Lol, maybe some problem with the app, cuz I rlly dunno xP
Anyways, happy to help!