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So I checked but I didn’t see any questions like this. Please tell me if there is!
Anyways, I’ve wanted to do some online battles with my special shiny umbreon from Pokémon GO. But when I tried to use my party with the online battles, it showed that it didn’t have a battle-ready symbol or mark. How do I get this symbol/mark? Tysm for the help :D


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From the man in the Battle Tower
There is a man who erases all of your Pokémon’s moves and gives it the battle ready symbol in the Battle Tower.

Source: Coincidentally, I did this to my own shiny Umbreon from GO

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Awesome! Thanks so much :D I actually figured that out a few hours earlier but i forgot to say that- thanks again! My Umbreon is now ready for battle and it has all the moves that i want on it! <3
You’re welcome!