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In the old Chateau in the chamber upstairs are the bedrooms.
In 1 of the bedrooms (the second if you count from right to the left) you see a picture that glares to you.
When it is night and you go to the bedroom in the middle, you normally see a ghost girl.
What is it and can you find it anyway (because it runs away from you) ?


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"Sometimes, what seem to be the ghosts of a little girl and a butler appear in a bedroom on the first floor and in the dining hall, respectively. The little girl appears when the player enters the room next to the bedroom where the ghost "is". She appears to "walk" through the door and is never seen on the other side. The butler appears to be sitting at the other side of the table in the dinning room. The player walks forward and he starts to "walk" to the left side of the room, leaving the game window. He never appears on the other side. Unlike the little girl, the butler does not use a walking motion. He instead appears to "float" just off the ground. These two characters cannot be interacted with, which—accompanied with Gardenia's reports that the Chateau is haunted—lends to the theory that they are both ghosts. Additionally, the picture in the room, in which the ghost of the little girl is visible, the eyes may begin to "blink" and/or follow the player."

-From Bulbapedia

Spooky eh?
very spooky
I'm brave barley
Isn't Rotom found in the Old Chateau at 10PM? Also, that butler thing always creeped  me out as a kid :P