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So after winning the pokemon league and battling all training while traveling ..
I want to battle more to train my pokemon and stuff .
But its much nicer to do that in a pokemon battle with trainers .
So wich trainer can you battle everyday ??
thats my question .


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The Elite 4 is an option to train all of your Pokemon, since they are at very High LVs that range from the 70's. You can battle your Rival Cheren everyday in the Victory Road after you see him in Route 5. If it is Spring in your game, you can challenge the Sinnoh champion Cynthia everyday in Undella Town. The last Trainer you can battle everyday Is Game Freak Morimoto located in the Game Freak building in Castelia City. I Hope this helps.

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The sport places, Cheren and , Morimoto everyday, Cythia in the spring. the elite four as many times as you want

Morimoto ? whats that ?