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I'm talking about the evs used by the mons on a team. I don't expect there be a way to check your opponent's evs in the middle of a battle because that would be stupid but when watching replays, is there a way to know what ev spreads and sets are used on the mons on both teams?

If you want to see common evs, you can check pikalytics

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This command helps, but only to be used in the battle.


Only the player can extract their team using this command. Use !showteam if you wanna see the whole set, or for a specific Pokemon or by order, do this command:

!showset (order of the Pokemon / or name)

For example, if Pikachu is the first Pokemon of your team, use !showset 1 or !showset Pikachu. This command requires the user to be of rank ☆ or player. Therefore, you need to ask the players from each side to execute the command for extracting the team.

Note that this works only in a battle, there's no other way. Use the Smogon usage statistics to guess the set, that's only option aside from this.

Hope this helps!

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So there is basically no way to see the sets on replays that aren't my own?

And this only works on your own team right?
Nope, there's no way out. This command only works with your own team, or you can ask the opposite player to do so kindly.
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It's actually difficult but you can guess.
You first need the damage calculator of PS! Here
First try with standard EVs by smogon. It's usually there. If you see damage in that range they give, congrats! You found the EVs. If no, you must experiment with different EVs depends on more or less damage. More damage= less hp/def/s.def EVs. Less damage= more hp/def/s.def
There is no other way.
Hope I helped!

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You can't do this in replays, or anywhere. However, if you have enough knowledge of the metagame you're playing, you might be able to figure out the set based on the amount of damage done. For example, if that Dragapult 2HKOes your offensive Garchomp, then it is obviously a Specs Dragapult. You can also use the damage calculator for a more reliable but more time-consuming way of figuring out your opponent's EVs.