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I'm not sure weather or not shaking grass has a limit on how long will it be shaking?
I was thinking does it stop shaking & is the time it is shaking for different for every patch? Can there be multiple patches & if so does a shaking patch disappear when you go into the other shaking patch?

You´re talking about PokéRadar in DPPt, right?
And why are u wondering that cant we get multiple shaking grass, since we can only "use" one from those multiple shaking grass (if the multiple shaking grass is exist)

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is it in pokemon black and white version?

All i can say is we cant meet multiple shaking grass in our screen, and shaking grass will occur around 5 steps range away from our character

And all i know is that the shaking grass won't have any time limit (maybe) because i checked it myself in my pokemon white and wait that thing shake for 1 hour

I never regret wasting 1 hour of my life for checking in my pokemon white and answering your question and get my first best answer, thanks :D
Your welcome. I also voted you up:)