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(HeartGold btw!)

After obtaining the Berry Pots from Lass at Route 39, I started to plant berries sometimes and just recently I got a Chesto Berry from Bug Catcher Wade.

I tried planting it, and a few hours later, It bloomed. Though the next day when I checked, It turned back to a sprout ;-;

Does this actually happen or is this some kind of emulator glitch? (If it is then you may just tell and I'd hide this question since ik that one shouldn't ask emulator problems here)


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As with Generation III, when a plant is fully grown, the player has an amount of time equal to the full growth time of the plant to pick the Berry; after this time, the plant will return to its sprouting stage. This regrowth can occur up to 9 times (for a total of 10 plantings) before the plant is permanently lost. If Stable Mulch was used before the Berry was planted, the Berry will remain harvestable for 50% longer. If Gooey Mulch was used before the Berry was planted, the plant will regrow 14 times (for a total of 15) before being permanently lost.

This is probably why.

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aah I see. thank you! I was a bit worried about my berries last time ;w;