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You see, in gen 7 Ubers I need Ultra Necrozma in place of Necrozma-Dusk Mane and I'm using Normalium Z Arceus. I have some awesome calculations in a way I have 81% chance to OHKO defensive Zygarde with Z Extreme Speed (I'll mention how if anyone is interested).
So should I go forward with it?
You can also mention how would it be other tiers. Thanks in advance!

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Not much viable you’re better off with one
Normally people run giga impact on extreme killer arceus if it has normalium z
yeah that's true soul stealer. But I'm an usual experimenter so um forget that part lol. My reason is I don't want to miss out of earthquake or shadow claw for coverage.
Lunala. The one I answered kept Nat Dex AG in mind, where Dusk Mane Necrozma is physically defensive and Lunala is rare. In case of Gen 7 NDM is Specially Defensive and Lunala is more common, so Shadow Claw is also an option.
And sometimes pridicting marsh switch in on e speed.

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You really should not be using 2 Z-moves in almost any situation. I think that Arceus using Ice Beam (2HKOes Zygarde-C with a Life Orb attached) and Leftovers/Chople Berry/Life Orb is not as bad as having to choose between activating the Z-move on your Arceus or Necrozma-Dusk Mane.

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Hmm okay. But I only need ultra necrozmium z to ultra burst and usually don't use z photon. It can also suprise opponent. So still I should use only one z?
Um yes because LTBTS is like something that’d help you sweep no matter what it got insane power, after a +2, it obliterates
Alright then.
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You can still do it, but you will only be able to use one of the two z-moves. I tried 6 electrium z's on my Arceus team, and I could still use it! It's viable, but it might not be the best choice, to be honest... Still, you could give itg a go. Good luck!

PS: Hope this helped!

What’s your Elo? How high were the ELO of the players you went up against and defeated? Also, your answer isn’t very detailed. Just saying it’s good without any source or anything isn’t the kind of answer someone would be inclined to believe.
Yes the same way all Pu team is viable in ubers this is also viable. Other than that ^^^