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I read from serebii somewhere that Chansey and Blissey give the most exp. If that is true then how much does the other pokemon give?


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Okay, the answer is actually pretty simple.

Blissey infact does Give the most experience,

Here's why.

The amount of experience received is infact based partly on level to level difference now in B/W but they have always and still do stick by the method,

That Pokemon With Higher Hp ( Hit points ) will give more experience.

Which is also why Audino gives large amounts in B/W is from having a hefty amount of hp.

But there's only one thing I don't understand. Some pokemon like wailmer give less exp than audino yet wailmer has more hp than audino.
Pokemon just wanted audino to give off large amounts of exp, just how it waas made
I see shaking grass, and I'm like "Yay! Rare Candy that gives EVs!"
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lol, very true for lower levels
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Well I'm not quite sure about how much they give, but I know that now in black & White, the exp is calculated based on the level of your pokemon & your opponents pokemon. Ex- a lv 50 milotic beats a lv 70 magmar, it will get more exp than it would get from beating that magmar with a lv 70 milotic. You can see this kind of difference when you use an exp share & train a lv 5 snivy while using a lv 90 Reshiram against A lv 60 pokemon of some sort. Snivy will get about 2000 some or so while reshiram will get about 200 some. Sort of complicated. If you didn't understand something, then tell me.

Hope this helps :)

I get what you're saying but what I'm asking is if you're level 75 and the blissey is level 75, then you get like 4000 exp(guessing) after beating it but you only get like 2500 exp for fainting a level 75 onix. Also the audino method gives lots of exp because audino gives off more exp than other pokemon.
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Unlike the great variation in formulas among the six experience groups, there is only a single formula used to determine how much experience a Pokémon will gain from battle, down below. In this formula:
a is equal to 1 if the fainted Pokémon is wild, and 1.5 if the fainted Pokémon is owned by a Trainer.
t is equal to 1 if the winning Pokémon's OT is its current owner, 1.5 if the Pokémon was gained in a domestic trade, and 1.7 if the Pokémon was gained in an international trade.
b is the base experience yield of the fainted Pokémon's species, listed here.
e is equal to 1.5 if the winning Pokémon is holding a Lucky Egg, and 1 otherwise.
L is the level of the fainted Pokémon.
In Generation V, Lp is the level of the victorious Pokémon.
s is the number of Pokémon that participated in the battle and have not fainted. If any Pokémon in the party is holding an Exp. Share, s is equal to 2, and for the rest of the Pokémon, s is equal to twice the number of Pokémon that participated instead.
If more than one Pokémon is holding an Exp. Share, s is equal to twice the number of Pokémon holding the Exp. Share for each Pokémon holding one.
p is equal to 1 if no Exp. Point Power is active, or else equal to the following depending on the power: Power ↓: 0.5; Power ↓↓: 0.66; Power ↓↓↓: 0.8; Power ↑: 1.2; Power ↑↑: 1.5; Power ↑↑↑, Power S, Power MAX: 2.
In Generation V, the experience gain formula was revamped. The constant divisor of 7 was changed to 5, and a factor was added that took the battling Pokémon's level into account.
Also, a constant of 1 was added to each battle, presumably to prevent a defeated Pokémon from yielding 0 experience due to a very low ratio between levels.

formula for gen 5 gen 5

formula for gen 4 and down gen 4 and down

from bulbapedia

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