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My Pokemon yellow game is being really weird and I'm scared that it might be corrupted. First of all, I have 149 Pokemon in my pokedex and have done the trainerfly glitch. I had just caught articuno and zapdos and went to catch moltres, but very weirdly, when I showed up to its spawn area in victory road, it wasn't there. I hadn't even encountered it before and it wasn't even registered as seen in my pokedex.

I was really confused about this, but I couldn't find any similar cases of this online so I decided to do the trainerfly glitch for moltres instead. I used the ditto glitch by using a kabutops with a special stat of 73. After that, I went back to my original trainerfly spot, but instead of a moltres showing up, a super nerd showed up to battle. I found this really weird since the super nerd's ID is 208 and I had no Pokemon in my party with that ID. After I beat the super nerd, a bunch of weird characters showed up in the dialogue box and I got put into a battle with the super need again.

I've already lost my save file before to the missingno glitch and I'll lose my mind if it gets destroyed again, so I'm wondering what's going on. Will my game break if I exit out of Pokemon yellow or if I beat the super need again? Please help, I'm very worried.

Update: I decided to beat the trainer, and after I did, my game started to glitch out and weird sounds started playing and I couldn't walk in certain directions. I decided to soft reset my game, and thankfully, it loaded my previous save location and my save file wasn't deleted. It's still very strange that this happened.

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Avoid fighting Pokémon with a Special stat of over 248 without a lookup table of trainer IDs to avoid fighting ZZAZZ glitch trainers, as they corrupt the game.

So I’m guessing you fought with a Pokémon with a special stat of more than 248, so that is why your game glitched. Looking at bulbapedia, this is the only way to break the game.


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