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As some of you have heard, or at least assumed based on my recent questions, I'm doing a White Nuzlocke, and this is basically the same question I had for Hoenn, but for Unova in BW. Thanks!

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But what about the gyms? That's what this was mostly about.
You could just go for five levels above the next leader's strongest pokemon unless you're doing a hardcore nuzlocke. If you're extra patient then you can even go ten levels higher. Grinding in bw isn't that difficult because you can just poach the Audinos
Yeah that's true, but aren't shaking grasses rare?
Not that rare. You just have to move around until you hear it shake and make sure you do it in places where there is a large area for you to move in one direction back and forth to increase the odds
Oh, I didn't know that. Cool!

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Ok, let me try. I'm going to add 3 levels to the highest level 'mon.

Cilan/the other two would be 17
Lenora would be 23
Burgh would be 26
Elesa would be 30
Burgh would be 34
Skyla would be 38
Brycen would be 42
Iris would be 46
For the whole elite four, I would suggest 53.

Sources: The gym leader pages and experience

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Thanks TPB, sorry I didn't see this till now.
Also, does this include the N and Gheitis battle?
Oof, let me add a separate page for that.
Well actually, I think you'd be good. I just did the math, you should be good
Okay, thanks again!