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I'm having too much fun in Musicals lately and I am wondering: What will the director says if you won a musical?

Also wondering: How do you receive Props from "Fans"? Where'll you meet them?


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After the Musical, the theater owner tells the player and other participants how well they did, in what category and to what degree. His review goes in order from the lowest performance to highest performance (spoken to first means the Pokémon did the least well; spoken to last means the Pokémon showed off the best), and will be evaluated as either: cool, cute, elegant, unique, quirky, or balanced.

The theater owner uses the following comments and they are ranked from the highest scoring to the lowest:

"In this musical, it's not an overstatement to say that 's Pokémon was the lead role."
"The Pokémon used Props to convey such abundant expression, just as if they were actors!"
"Watching your Pokémon's sharp moves, I also felt !"
"Your Pokémon played its role very well."
"It looked like your Pokémon was making an effort to live up to your expectations. I will support your Pokémon on the side!"
"It was not highly noticeable... But I liked it! Keep it up!"

So you can see that the topmost line is what they say. As for props, here's another line.

After a performance has ended, the player may talk to the audience members gathered outside the reception area to receive Props. The better the performance, the more Props the player will tend to receive. Note that certain Props are given out only by certain Musical categories.


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