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I know that the respawn times become longer as a match progresses, but there are moments where I get knocked out at about the same time as someone else and have to wait much longer than them to respawn. For example, sometimes I have to wait 15 seconds to respawn, while someone else who got knocked out around the same time only has to wait 7 seconds. This is making me think that there's other things that affect the respawn timer. With that said, how exactly are the respawn times calculated?

If it's anything like other mobas, League of Legends for instance, how many times you've died may be a factor. The more you die, the longer your respawn timer is. I have two games experience with Unite so I'm not certain that's correct but if someone wants to look into that I'd suggest that as a place to start.

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After a lot of testing in practice mode and watching a lot of matches video, I found what factors could influence the death respawn timer.

For clarity sake, I will talk about "death" when killed by a player and "execution" when killed by an NPC. A "kill" is done by the player (assists aren't relevant). I am specifying this because that means you can't abuse this mechanic by dying on purpose versus neutral Pokemons in order to reset those factors (more specifically K and P) while avoiding giving exp poins to your opponents.

So with all of this, I came up with this formula:

D = L + K + P/40 + T

where :

  • D is the death respawn timer
  • L is a duration depending on the Pokemon level at death time
  • K is the number of kills since last death (1 kill = 1s)
  • P is the sum of points scored since last death (40 points = 1s)
  • T is a duration depending on the time remaining in the game (always 0 in practice mode)

L possible values:

Player level |   L
      1      |   4s
      2      |   4s
      3      |   4s
      4      |   4s
      5      |   5s
      6      |   6s
      7      |   7s
      8      |   8s
      9      |   9s
     10      |  10s
     11      |  11s
     12      |  15s
     13      |  17s
     14      |  19s
     15      |  19s

T possible values:

  Time remaining  |   T
      > 2 min     |   0s
> 1 min & < 2 min |   4s
      < 1 min     |  10s

For further details about my analysis, you can look at my reddit topic: Death respawn timer formula.

Disclaimer: Like I said, all of this is solely based on my observations and testing and is not related to any official statement about the game but you can obviously verify it yourself. Having said all that, I honestly think those results are pretty solid but if you find anything interesting or contradicting about it, I would be eager to know it! :)

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These observations look great, and the result is similar to what I initially thought, although I didn't think the level would be a factor. Guess I should stop chasing people down with Absol's Pursuit :P. Thanks!
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Some Pokemon Unite fans feel that the winning team takes too long to respawn, and the losers are back too quickly.

Such is the case with the MOBA's respawn times. While there is no official guide on how respawning works, anyone who has played the game will tell you that it seems to take longer towards the end of the match, especially if you've been doing well. In the beginning, you can be back in the fight within five seconds, but towards the end you could be looking at a 40 second wait. Many fans believe this is far too long, and are calling on the developers to patch this.

The losing team respawns faster, and the winning team respawns slower.


That seems about right. I really thought there would be more to it. Thanks :)