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I was fighting a black belt that brought a Hariyama in Black 2, and my Zekrom was first in party so he immediately came up facing that Hariyama. I commanded Zekrom to fly so that I'd one-shot the Hariyama and Hariyama used Endure. Okay, maybe not a one-shot. Fly hits and...killed the Hariyama?? How did this happen? I recall reading that Teravolt only bypasses abilities, not moves or items, right?

Did the Haryiama use Endure on the turn you used Fly or on the turn Fly hit?

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Fly probably killed the Hariyama because Endure wasn't active. Since the Hariyama likely used Endure on the charging turn, Endure didn't take effect on the turn that Fly actually hit.

Replay for proof:

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Endure only lasts on the turn it is used. Its effects does not carry over to the next turn. The turn fly hits is already considered as 'the next turn'

For the rest of the turn

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