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So in the Eastern wing of the Pokémon Mansion owned by Mr. Backlot in Route 212, there is a single room that a maid is guarding. Everytime you talk to her, she'll say:

I'm so sorry. Anything beyond this line is strictly off-limits. You really musn't! Mr. Backlot will be so cross with me!

I like to think that it is a room for some sort of event, but what event? Manaphy, you get it from an egg. Shaymin or Darkrai? No way.

Even if it is not an event room, what is behind that maid? I watched this video uploaded by a JP Pokétuber, which looks very convincing at first to me, but I looked up their channel and turns out they mod things a lot for Pokémon games (I recommend watching it if you understand Japanese! Its quite interesting!).

TL;DR: I'm just curious about the blocked room in the eastern wing of Pokémon Mansion. Asking for Platinum specifically.


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There is nothing behind the maid in the east wing.

It turns out that there isn't a hidden room behind the maid in the east wing. There isn't anything, actually.

According to Bulbapedia:

The western and eastern exits of the mansion are blocked by the maids. Neither of these doorways are functional however, and for your purposes serve only as decoration.

The maid and her line about an "off-limits" room is purely cosmetic and serves no other purpose. Some extra digging shows that there isn't an old event related to the "room" either.


Hope this answers your question!

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