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Welcome to the USUM Ubers Team Bazaar! This thread is for showcasing your teams which have fared well on the ladder or in tournaments. In short, it's a thread where you can show off teams without having to go through the trouble of writing up a full RMT. As long as the team is viable enough for the USUM Ubers metagame, you're free to post your team in this thread (no gimmicks allowed!!). Now with that being said, here are a few guidelines which you're expected to read before posting:

  • Please don't post unfinished teams! Consider this as a smaller sibling of RMT, we would like if you put some effort into polishing your team before presenting them here. Try to test your teams before posting them here, too. If you want feedback for your team, post it in the RMT section.
  • Commenting on teams is appreciated only when you have some constructive feedback. Random comments are frowned upon, as it causes clutter. And if someone does give feedback on your team, try to take it in the best way possible even if you don't necessarily agree.
  • Try to avoid meaningless discussions arguing about a team. Don't beat the horse to death; further discussions can be taken to wall posts.
  • Including the EVs, natures and the sort is a must. All the sets should be posted in the Showdown! importable format too (example here).
  • Please include a description and importable (through PokePaste) when posting teams! Mentioning the archetype (i.e., Balance, Hyper Offense, Stall etc.) of the team when posting is appreciated too. Try to include at least three lines of description for each Pokémon. Make sure your description addresses specific teambuilding choices and general strategy, as well as any unique sets that might be on your team. Sprites are also appreciated, but not necessary.
  • No more than two/three answers per post please! Even if your explanations are concise and up to the point, post different answers if you have more than two/three teams.

More information about posting can be found here.

That's all, post away!

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I changed it to Ubers because no one plays UU.

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Team Archive

This is a contents section of the thread. All the teams posted in the thread would be sorted here according to their archetype, i.e., Balanced, Bulky Offense, Hyper Offense and Stall. If you feel your team is in the wrong section, please let me know.



Bulky Offense


Hyper Offense



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Mega Lucario Webs Hyper Offense
click for the importable!


A standard Webs HO, featuring Smeargle as the Webs setter. I used it over Shuckle because of its less passivity, and how it can actually cripple Pokemon with Nuzzle / Glare. Paralysis is better than sleep in Ubers due to Sleep Clause which is why we don't use Spore. Nuzzle is useful as it can go through Taunt, while Glare hits Primal Groudon and GroundCeus.

Primal Kyogre + Xerneas is the special wallbreaking core, with both putting immense pressure on shared checks like Primal Groudon, and Chansey. Xerneas can prefer Focus Blast over HP Fire, but I chose that because Mega Scizor is quite annoying and the former's low accuracy. POgre is devastating under Sticky Web which secures its low speed tier.

Ultra Necrozma and Primal Groudon are the breakers you'd generally want to go with after Smeargle. NDM is pretty much of a liability due to the Choice Scarf Xerneas sets being annoying. SD Outrage can easily break past Zygarde, Giratina, DarkCeus, Yveltal as well as GroundCeus allowing Primal Groudon to clean up weakened teams.

Mega Lucario is in fact the real MVP and wincon of the team. Try to bring him as often as possible with Sticky Webs up, as it gets at least one chance to use Swords Dance per game on passive Pokemon like Arceus Dark and the blob twins, and starts sweeping. If Primal Groudon manages Stealth Rock up, then Ho-Oh can't switchin as if it doesn't have full HP, a +2 Close Combat knocks it out regardless of the defense investment.

If opponent has a GroundCeus without Webs up, then try to save it for later; as most GroundCeus have higher Spe spread than M-Lucario hence outspeed and OHKO it.

That's it for the small description, I hope this team works well for you :) Special credit to Rhmsitb who helped a lot with the building and testing!