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I am asking this is as Pokemon Showdown! has specified that there will be no proper legends Arceus ladder. They are only legal in metronome battles and custom games/tours.

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Probably not, given the large sweeping changes to the battle system itself in Legends and more standard formats.


  • The damage calculations have all been changed, specifically to increase the damage dealt by moves. This is then further compounded by the Agile and Strong styles that can be applied to moves, trading damage for initiative and vice versa
  • Pokemon do not have Abilities in Legends, and cannot hold Items. I don't know of any competitive tier Pokemon that doesn't care about its Ability, and there are a list of Pokemon that are only viable due to Safety Goggles, Heavy Duty Boots, Life Orb, etc.
  • Weather Effects work completely differently. Rain no longer boosts Water moves, only reducing Fire. Sun no longer boosts Fire or reduces Water, instead it gives Speed to Grass. Snow replaces Hail, no longer doing damage, and instead giving all Ice types speed. And so on.
  • Many of the new moves added to the game would be kinda broken overpowered in the normal formats.
  • Most Pokemon have rather limited movepools, both in terms of broad coverage, and in some cases even properly filling out STABs, and some lacking really any utility at all.

None of these changes are conducive to competitive formats, and a number of them would absolutely destroy balance.

The points are well and good, but what's your source for another sim not being present with L:A mechanics? And it doesn't matter if something "destroys" Balance, USUM Pure Hackmons is Magic Guard Offense spam usually.
Fair enough. Thanks for the answer. If anyone knows a battle simulator with PLA mechanics, reply to this comment and tell me about it.