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It happens in the anime all the time, but nobody seems to do it.

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The trainers can call back pokemon, but only from a cerain distance. They can't do it if they are too far away from their pokemon. They would also need to aim pretty well to get them-a difficult task since the steal usually happens pretty fast. They can miss (see Ash's Krabby in his Kanto League battle. The main reason they don't do it though is for dramatic effect; what would be the point the whole stealing thing if they could get their pokemon back that easily?

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Because they are usually out of range or the people who make the show don't want them to.

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they some times has something deflecting it or pikachu dosent have a pokeball

Pikachu has a pokeball but it is only seen in a few episodes, about 10-15.
Pikachu did not like the being stuck in a pokeball and refuses to get into it like most sensible people would :P