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In scarlet-violet there's some places called the 10 sights of paldea. I've found 4. Glaseados grasp, isolated beach, paldea's highest peak, and the waterfalls. I don't remember their name. What are the others?

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Casseroya falls.
That's the name of the waterfalls.
I've also gone to colonnade hollow.

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Their are 10 Sights of Paldea in total. They Include:

Paldeas Highest Peak atop Glaseado Mountain.

Casseroya Falls between Montevera and Casseroya Lake.

Colonade Hollow North of Asado Desert.

Fury Falls North of Firescourge Shrine.

Glaseados Grasp on the west side of Glaseado Mountain.

Gracia Stones Northwest of Groundblight Shrine.

Grand Olive Orchard near Cortondo.

Leaking Tower of Paldea North of Alfornado.

The Million Volt Skyline west overlooking Levincia.

The Secluded Beach East of the Grasswither Shrine, near the south most Pokemom Center.


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All of the ones I've been to have a sign. The grand olive orchard didn't look to have a sign. Which ones don't have a sign?
They should all have signs. Flying to the location should out yoh right next to the sign. Grand Olive Orchards sign is on the Cliffside above the Orchard itself, due Northwest of Cortondo.