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i want to know how to use the Global Trading Station(black) ,i saw many people trade using it


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GTS - Its pretty simple, you go to the lady in the upstairs of the Pokemon Center ( Not the one for Wifi or Wireless, but the one for the GTS ) and you choose the GTS.

This is how it works, you basically go in there, and you can request to look at Trades being offered for Any pokeon you've seen in your Pokedex.

Ex. I want a Pidove, I select Pidove. I see trades with people offering Pidove's, and asking for different pokemon in return.

Or you can offer a Pokemon, but you can only ask for Pokemon that you've seen on your pokedex in return.

Ex. I want a Garchomp. And I think a Hydreigon for a Garchomp is an appealing trade to some, So I offer my Hydreigon and ask for a Garchomp.

You can also ask for certain gender's and level's for Pokemon.

GTS Negotiations

This is more simple and care free almost.
You put in what type of pokemon you want and have.

Ex. I have Cool pokemon, and Want Cute pokemon ( Pretty weird )

And it randomly matches you with someone, You then offer pokemon from Your Boxes until you decide on a Fair Trade, and your only means of communication being these dumb looking emoticons.

And thats how the GTS and GTS Negotiations work.

GTS Negotiations can be frustrating sometimes.  especially if you get someone who keeps putting the same pokemon or it's pre-evolutions into the thing even when you show the sad face or show them that you have that pokemon.
" Dumb looking Emoticons " - Exactly my point. Its alot like people asking for level 9 and under Zekrom's.
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In order to use the gts, go to a pokemon center. Then go up to the second floor and talk to the lady on the far right. You must have wifi to use the gts. Tap global trade after talking to her, and then either deposit a pokemon or seek a pokemon. If you deposit a pokemon, you will be giving away one of your pokemon and asking for one in exchange. If you are seeking a pokemon, you will select a pokemon you want and then see if you can match someone else's demands. In either instance, you cannot seek or ask for a pokemon that you have not seen in you pokedex. Hope this helps!

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First go to the Pokemon Center (anywill work)Go upstairs And choose the door to the far right Talk to the Lady. Shell ask you what you want to do you have the options to do a random Match up Gts Photos Video choose Gts then Press Gts not Gts Neogatioonsa (unless your lookking for that )...Now up till this Point you will need wifi connection...When you enter the character will enter a room and go to a compute here you have the Choice to Deposit a Pkmn or Seek Pkmn...In this case you have to choose seak.Put the Letter that starts with the Pokemon name that your looking for Then choose it Level Gender
Choosing its Country is not Requirewd but if you go ahead...
Theyll show i think 5 Trainers if you have the Pokemon the Pokemon they requesed then you should then Voila you have that Pkmn...
Now if you deposit you the one who is requesting Now choose the Level you want of the Pkmn and Level gender etc. Choose the Pokemon your willing to give then after that Just wait until somebody Takes it and Gives you the Pokemon your Looking for....
Thats all there is in the Just GTS Till next time everyone see ya...