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Ok I use my Ninetails in the beauty contest and I used poffins to increase beauty but I got too the master class and Ninetails only got 3 hearts in the appeal round while everyone else got 6-9 that is the opposite of the other-ones. Can I have some advice please.

Moveset: Nasty plot, Flamethrower, Energy ball, and Hidden power

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Well, if you can't feed your ninetails any more poffins, there's not much that can be done on that front. In the visual competition, you'll just have to match your acessories to the categories. This list is a complete guide to what acessories are good or bad in each category.

As for your moveset, it seems decent. You have two "If first turn" moves, which is good as it allows you to alternate between them if you are consistantly doing well and coming in first each round. Using Nasty Plot should put you in 4th place for your next move, so consider replacing Hidden Power with Frustration, which gives you a bonus if you're in last place and as a combo it should be more reliable than Hidden Power is. Your type variety allows you to raise and lower the volteage as you need. If you also are using this guy for battle, just ignore my suggestion; your moves are decent as they are.

Also, see your own older question here ;) :

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