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hPOKe is a Glitch Pokemon based on a Gengar, being one of the heaviest and Tallest glitch Pokemon encountered. According to Bulbapedia, when it reaches Lv 225, it evolves into a Gloom and then into a Vileplume. My questions are as followed:

  • Why does it evolve into the Oddish evolutionary line?
  • Does is keep its base stats of a "Gengar"?
  • Was this the Planned Gengar?

Sorry if I am asking too muc and thanks :D

Sorry PB i dont know but i like your picture. Haha.
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1 Answer

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  1. It evolves into the Oddish evolutionary line because it is a glitch Pokemon. And that's part of it's glitch.
  2. I really don't know i guess no because it evolves to gloom and it probably one of it's glitches.
  3. Yes, it was but it turns out they messed up on it. Well i don't really know this one either remember it's a glitch.

That's all i know. Remember it is one of the biggest glitches in Pokemon red and blue so maybe that's why this is happening. Nobody can really explain it/.

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