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Like you baton pass some defense while s-rock is up on you


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Stealth Rock damage is not based on Defenses of your Pokemon, but the type effectiveness against Rock. Obviously, if your Pokemon is weak to the Rock type, Stealth Rock will do more damage. The damage calculations are as followed:

1/4x=1/32 of your HP
1/2x=1/16 of your HP
1x=1/8 of your HP
2x=1/4 of your HP
4x=1/2 of your HP


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No they do not. The only thing that affects stealth rock is typing. It is based on the pokemons resistance/weakness to the rock type.

If it 4x resists, it will take away 1/32 of your hp.
2x resists: 1/16 hp loss
0x resists: 1/8 hp loss
2x weakness: 1/4 hp loss
4x weakness: 1/2 hp loss See link texthere.

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