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i took it out of my ds , and five minutes lter i put it back in, and it wasnt working at allh

Is the game not loading correctly, or does your DS not detect it?
Either way, the best thing to try is blowing in the cartridge lightly like elxy said.

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try blowing very very hard if that doesnt work then i guess its broken and will be mystery why it broke

the ds doesnt detect it , ive tried blowin it and took it apart and a little circular thing is all lose and keeps fallin out of place. wud that hav anithing to do with it? :(
Wait. Inside the game, the circle thing is loose and fell out?
Than the game is just broken outside. You just need a new game unless you can find a way to fix that. Getting a new game is the easiest way.

If the game cartridge is falling apart, I'm sure that means that it is broken!
i guess maybe u shouldnt have taken it apart cause you might of made worse