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I need it for my Panpour...Im at Castelia City.

A little advice: don't evolve your panpour too early. I would wait till it learns Scald, which I believe is level 23 or 25, if I'm not mistaken.

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Castelia City (Answer Panpour), Driftveil City, Wellspring Cave(Dustcloud), Chargestone Cave (Dustcloud), Mistralton Cave(Dustcloud), Twist Mountain (Dustcloud), Challenger's Cave(Dustcloud), Victory Road (Dustcloud), Giant Chasm(Dustcloud) or in Black City. Hope this helps..

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You will also be able to buy Water Stones at Black City, when it is alive (with buildings and people around), with one of those people including "Pokemon Ranger Ralph".

If you don't have Ralph, find another player with Pokemon White, and connect wirelessly (ONLY local connections) and visit their White Forest to talk to people you can bring to your Black City. Bringing back different people will allow you to buy different things; Ralph being the one that allows you to buy Water Stones!