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It may seem like an odd and specific question, but I'm doing what's currently a Mono-water playthrough of my pokemon sapphire, and I'm thinking of training my Gyarados to level 25 so it can learn Dragon Rage, but I won't bother wasting my time doing that if the Magnemite has over 40 Hp.

Keep in mind, I'm asking about the Magnemite not the Magneton.


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Don't bother, Magnetmite's minimum HP at Level 22 with no EVs or IVs would be 43, 3 more than 40.

Dang it, looks like Wingull is going on a suicide mission.
Thanks though.
LOL, you could have checked on PO, you know. Set his IVs and EVs to 0, and check.
Wasn't thinking, too lazy xD