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I Can not decide which one to teach my Crobat.
Item: Flying gem
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Inner-focus
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 Hp


Steel-wing has helped many times because of its coverage over Rock and Ice weaknesses and it can even boost defense. Super-fang however would half the opponents HP in 1 hit which would be great against Pokemon with high Defense. Can someone please help me to decide?


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Crobat isn't going to deal much damage with steel wing, it has a very low base power and most rock types are very defenseive. If a rock or ice type comes in anyway, the best option would be to u turn out of there.
Since crobat is a scout, the most damage it would probably do would be with super fang, that would be vey annoying to get rid of all of that hp in only one attack.

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well i think steel wing will be better because most rock types are very bulky so its better to go with super effective also ice types are dangerous and sometimes tricky so better not risk it and go for the super-effective move immidietlly

of course super-fang is a good move but when it comes to an easy to beat pokemon such as crobat you better go safe and hit em where it hurts

hope this helped :)

"well i think steel wing will be better because most rock types are very bulky so its better to go with super effective"

Rock types are bulky, but super fang negates defense, and a quick half hp gone and u turn will make it very easy for a teammate with priority to quickly finish them off.

Steel wing won't do much to anything;crobat attack stat isn't to big, and neither is the base power if steel wing, 70 I believe. I don't really understand what your saying about ice types being tricky or dangerous, they are often weak and uncommon.
The problem is I don't believe Crobat even survives 2 turns against a bulky Rock type, so you have to pick in between super fang and U-turn, unless you invested in Def EVs, which would be a waste anyway. ^^'
Not really, Crobat takes hits surprisingly well he has a great defensive type combo.
Not agaisn't Rock and Ice types, which are what Steel Wing will cover.