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IN route 9 shopping mall, there is a door on the right side of the wall on the first floor. Go in, and you will see many boxes. press A in front of one of them to change Rotom's form.

Lawnmower = Rotom-Mow = grs/ele = Leaf-storm
Mircowave = Rotom-Heat = ele/heat = Overheat
Washing machine = Rotom-Wash = wtr/ele = Hydro-pump
Electric fan = Rotom-Fan = ele/fly = Air-slash
Refrigerator = Rotom-Freeze = ele/ice = Blizzard
Recall = Rotom = ght/ele = Thunder-shock

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also, put the move it learns after you put it in an appliance.
Thanks SF!
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shopping mall 9, back room on the first floor

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